Awards in section E

Manh Cuong Vu (Vietnam): SUMMER ON THE LOTUS POND
FIAP Gold medal

Saurabh Bhattacharyya (India): Water 1
PSA Gold medal

Matej Peljhan (Slovenia): Superman
FZS Gold medal

Adrian Whear (Australia): Fountain of Life
Salon Gold medal

Istvan Kerekes (Hungary): Finish to victory
FIAP Silver medal

Laszlo dr.Siman (Hungary): Mitosis
FZS Silver medal

Teddy Sugrue (Ireland): Kinard Rough Waters
Salon Silver medal

Judit Deri (Hungary): Snow-cannon
FIAP Bronze medal

Huib Limberg (Netherlands): Pelican in rest
FZS Bronze medal

Laszlo Banoczi (Hungary): North Sea 65
Salon Bronze medal

Jean-Claude BERTIN (France): Nouvelle vague
FIAP Honorable mention

Neda Racki (Croatia): Witness from the past
FIAP Honorable mention

Ihsan Jezany (Germany): Marsh man
FIAP Honorable mention

Milan Markovic (Serbia): Boat
FIAP Honorable mention

Eugene Buzuk (Belarus): Baltic Breeze
FIAP Honorable mention

Anitha Mysore (India): Silken bath
FIAP Honorable mention

Dusan Ignac (Slovakia): Waterpolo
PSA Honorable mention

Salon Honorable mention

Hengki Lee (Indonesia): Dream Of Yesterday
Salon Honorable mention

JOSE MARIA MARTIN (Spain): Spinal cord
Salon Honorable mention

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