Awards in section A

Istvan Kerekes (Hungary): Wild look
FIAP Gold medal

Hengki Lee (Indonesia): Somewhere In Time
PSA Gold medal

Zsolt Szabo (Hungary): Bird of prehistory
FZS Gold medal

Ihsan Jezany (Germany): race against time
Salon Gold medal

Lajos Nagy (Romania): Finally it s here
FIAP Silver medal

Matej Peljhan (Slovenia): Descent
FZS Silver medal

Michael Cohen (Israel): RED SCURF
Salon Silver medal

Tomasz Rojek (Poland): Autumn
FIAP Bronze medal

Janez Kukec Mezek (Slovenia): Friends 02
FZS Bronze medal

Antonella TOMASSI (Italy): Striped shirt
Salon Bronze medal

Dušan Mastnak (Slovenia): Lost in the Fog
FIAP Honorable mention

Ian Patterson (Australia): Sacred Ganges
FIAP Honorable mention

Manfred Pillik (Austria): Starke Frau
FIAP Honorable mention

Elisabeth Aemmer (Switzerland): Fork and Spoon
FIAP Honorable mention

Slobodan Krstic (Bosnia and Herzegovina): SHEPERDESS 12
FIAP Honorable mention

Igor Debevec (Slovenia): Leaf
FIAP Honorable mention

Nenad Banjac (Croatia): Di Francisca attacks
PSA Honorable mention

Adrian Whear (Australia): Moo
Salon Honorable mention

Nagy Botond (Romania): Wine tasting
Salon Honorable mention

Oscar Saraiva (Portugal): Domingo na marginal
Salon Honorable mention

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